Where is the MSU Testing Center located?

MSU Testing Center

Bessey Hall

434 Farm Ln, Room 203

East Lansing, MI 48824

What are the hours of the MSU Testing Center?

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Additional hours are available for special testing requests.  Please email us at testctr@msu.edu with your specific request.

Where should I park?

–   Maps with public parking lots on campus can be found at maps.msu.edu and you can research routes using the Interactive Campus Map.  You have a few options for parking:

  1. Park in a public parking lot on campus.  Lot 39 across from the International Center is the nearest public lot to our building.  Access a map to the Testing Center from Lot 39 here.
  2. There are a limited number of meters in front of the Student Services building that accept coins and credit (2-hour limit).  Access a map to the Testing Center from Student Services here.
  3. Ramp 6 next to Olin Health Center is a short walk from our building.  Access a map to the Testing Center from Ramp 6 here.  Parking on the lower level is pay by plate, while parking in the upper levels (past the gate) requires a permit.  Currently Ramp 6 has complimentary parking until 8/31/2021.
  4. Park in a ramp in East Lansing.  They accept cash and credit.
  5. Please note: there are several handicapped spaces available in the lot adjacent to our building.

If you still have questions about parking, please call us at 517-355-8385.

Do I need to wear a mask to test or what if I’m COVID positive?

  1. MASKS ARE NOT REQUIRED to test at our location but ARE RECOMMENDED for any unvaccinated or medically vulnerable individuals.  We will provide masks as supplies allow.
  2. Please continue to monitor your health for COVID symptoms.  If you have a new cough, fever, or if you have were COVID positive within the last 10 days, we ask that you reschedule your testing.
  3. Thank you for helping keep our testing center a safe environment for all testers!

How should I prepare for my test?

– That depends.  Check out our Test Prep section for some suggestions.

What will it cost to take my test?

– That also depends.  If you’re taking a distance test/online course exam, then the fee is $20 for MSU students and $30 for non-MSU students.  We also charge a $30 proctoring fee for CLEP tests.  Fees for all other types of exams can be found on the exam’s official website.

What forms of payment are accepted?

– We accept cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards

How do I schedule my test?

– Only a select few exams are scheduled directly through our office:

  •      Distance tests/Online course exams
  •      The MAT
  •      CLEP Tests
  •      Math Placement Tests
  •      Foreign Language Placement Tests

All other exams are scheduled directly through the testing company.

What if I don’t see my test mentioned on this website?

– We give hundreds of tests, so it would be impossible to list all of them on our website.  If you want to check if we administer the test you need to take because don’t see it listed anywhere on our website, please contact us!

Are you looking for the Scoring Office?

– The Scoring Office provides a much different set of services than we do.  You can find all you need to know about them here: http://scoring.msu.edu/